Dry Milking – A Variation Of Jelqing

Dry milking is often considered a variation of Jelqing, however unlike Jelqing, it is neither sexually stimulating or messy. Dry milking is both clean, and very discreet. This exercise can be preformed with ease at any time; whether it is before you got to bed, or after a nice warm shower. The technique is often refered to as dry jelqing, or penis milking.
Similar to Jelqing, dry milking works by forcibly pushing an increased amount of blood into the Corpora Cavernosa (spongy tissue of the penis). With repetition, these spaces within the penis will continually stretch larger.

Drymilking also helps to stretch the tissues of the penis, as well as the suspensory ligament. By performing this technique you allow for growth in the length of your penis. Results can become visible approximately one month after its, and within 3-5 months large gains may be seen.

Important Notes to Remember

1. Perform a warm up before you begin

2. The exercise should NOT be performed during a hard erection! If the exercise is performed in such a state vascular (vein) damage may occur.

3. A moderate grip should be applied. If a hard grip is used some bruising and or the rupturing of superficial blood vessels could result. If any such problems should result, you should wait approximately 24-48 hours (or until the problem has healed) before continuing.

4. Start out the exercise gradually, and slowly work up to an appropriate level. By doing this you will be able to minimize any slight bruising or red spots.

5. If you feel the urge to ejaculate while partaking in the exercise, squeeze the head and hold to discourage it, or simply stop the exercise for a few moments and wait until you have restrained the urge.

6. Upon completion of each session perform another “hot wrap” with a wash cloth to arouse your penis and keep the increased blood held within it.

The Technique

Your penis can not be flaccid, nor fully erect, when performing this exercise. Therefore, before you start, you will need to work your penis until it is semi-erect. To do this, simply pull outward on your penis gently, making sure you do not slide your fingers over your penis, until your penis is semi-erect.
Now your penis is slightly erect, change your hand to an “ok” symbol by touching your thumb and forefinger together. Proceed by gripping your penis at the base with this ok sign, and while being careful not to slide your fingers over the skin, simply pull down to about half way. Following this, return your hand to the base of your penis and repeat.

Once you have worked the base of your penis enough, progress by moving your hand (in the ok symbol) towards the middle of the shaft. As long as you feel comfortable with it, continue to repeat the exercise in this position.

Your penis will probably want to become erect when doing this exercise and, so If you find yourself becoming aroused squeeze the glans (head) and hold to discourage it or simply stop the exercise until your full erection goes away.

Drymilking exercise video

If you feel like trying a variation of this exercise, it is suggested that you try it lying in bed. To do this simply lie down in your bed, bending your knees, and begin pulling penis towards each of your legs.

In doing this exercise your hand may begin to feel tired, and by repetition of this exercise the strength of your hand will begin to increase.
Using thumb and forefinger, reach in below your pubic bone to grab the base of the penis inside the body. Pull outward as far as the skin will comfortably move (“working the root”).

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